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As part of our commitment to excellence in the manufacture of superior quality fastening and assembly systems, we aim to provide only the safest and most reliable products and solutions to meet our clients' every need. We are consistently working to improve our systems, innovate new technologies, ensure the best working environment for our staff and manage our environmental impact. We aim to do this by increasing our sensitivity to potential risks and dealing with them swiftly, thereby eliminating risk and providing unrivalled customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance Policy

Swagefast™ has implemented the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System (QMS) which has received the full support of senior management as well as the commitment of all personnel involved to ensure that specified procedures are adhered to at all times.

In addition, training is conducted on an ongoing basis to familiarise employees with our technical objectives, product information, workplace codes, quality standards, design specifications and corporate procedures.

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Human Rights Policy

Swagefast™ strives to ensure that every individual within the company respects the rights and freedom to human dignity and fair treatment, and to secure their effective recognition and observance throughout the company.

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Environmental Policy

At Swagefast™, we believe that the environment represents a strategic resource for both current and future generations. We recognise the need to minimise the impact that our activities have on the environment by applying appropriate, cost-effective measures to foster environmental, sustainable and economic development.

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Safety Policy

Swagefast™ is committed to consistently working in a safe manner by providing and maintaining a workplace that is without risk to the health and safety of our employees. In fulfilling this mandate, we aim to:

  • maintain a safe working environment
  • maintain an injury-free working environment
  • maintain safe and healthy working relations
  • provide and maintain safe plant and equipment
  • review and revise this policy as necessary
  • be in compliance with all associated laws and regulations

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B-BBEE Rating

Swagefast™ (Pty) Ltd is proud to be independently verified as a Level 1 B-BBEE (Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment) Contributor with a 135% B-BBEE Procurement Recognition Level.

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Tax Clearance

Swagefast™ has obtained a tax clearance certificate from SARS which validates our status as a taxpaying entity.

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Company Policy

Swagefast™ endorses the concept of sustainable development, which goes far beyond conservation to include a sustained growth philosophy which respects nature in the interest of long-term development. Subscribing to this viewpoint simultaneously implies a realisation that protecting the environment, or at least ensuring a more efficient use of natural resources, is in the long-term interest of business.

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Our philosophy for building up lasting partnerships with our clients, along with our hands-on approach, remains the cornerstone of our success and ensures that you get the best advice and service from the specialists in fasteners and fastening technology.

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