SA fastener manufacturer seeks specialised machinery
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SA fastener manufacturer seeks specialised machinery

Fastening systems solutions provider Swagefast™ reveals that it is negotiating with an overseas fastener manufacturer for the acquisition of machinery that will enable it to manufacture more specialised fasteners that are smaller in diameter, with sizes ranging between 5mm and 6mm.

Swagefast™ financial director Jay Rossouw says some specialised fasteners are currently not manufactured in the South African market because the country does not have the machinery to manufacture them, highlighting the importance for South Africa's globally well-established shaft sinking industry to have access to a variety of fasteners for different applications.

"The availability of a variety of fasteners that are used in mine shafts is critical because people's lives depend on the safety and the reliability of its components. Given the high requirements by the mining sector regarding safety, as well as the hazardous nature of shaft sinking, Swagefast™ continues to apply global best practices in an effort to prevent fatalities," he explains.

Further, Rossouw says Swagefast™ has begun exporting throughout Africa, as the company is aware of the increased activity in the African mining market, and successful negotiations with an overseas fastener manufacturer will enable it to supply specialised fasteners to its African clients.

He adds that the company is currently exporting its products to Dubai, Zimbabwe and Zambia and recently received an order from Australia.

The company also recently launched its first range of SwagePac powerigs and standard and close-quarter installation tools, which are manufactured in South Africa, and is developing tools for 22mm, 25mm and 28mm fasteners, which will be launched in July this year.

If fasteners are not up to standard and do not meet technical specifications, they will be the main reason for shaft operational failure, Rossouw points out.

"If a fastener is not performing as it should, this is where the first problem will originate when the cage descends."

The failure of a fastener will have a ripple effect, resulting in significant damage to shaft infrastructure, and may result in fatalities. The quality of the fastener and its installation should always meet the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) specifications.

"We have a non-conformance policy at Swagefast™, whereby 10% of every batch of manufactured fasteners is tested. If one fastener is found to be non-compliant with technical specifications, the entire batch is withdrawn. We do not compromise on quality and safety whatsoever," states Rossouw.

The safety and quality of technical test equipment are inspected and approved by the SABS every 24 months to ensure that Swagefast™'s test certification procedure meets the required standards.

Swagefast™ has not reported any fatalities as a result of its product's failure in the past 13 years and is committed to maintaining this record.

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